Another day, another one of those Cards….

Yes it is time to take on a card that many people have troubles with,


Yes my friends its time to deal with the Snake!

this card is from Maybe Lenormand, by Ryan Edward, from US Games, Inc.

I have seen many ways of looking at this card and I have to say most of them are very valid, such as;

  • Malicious actions
  • Complications
  • Sedition (this one I love and I learned it from Andy B.)
  • Cables, Chains, Pipes (think of the form a snake can take)

Now those are just some of many that apply, one I do not agree with is the word Toxic – as snakes are not always Toxic/Venomous but that doesn’t mean they can’t be trouble none the less.  Now with these all listed where does the trouble come in?  Good question and I repeatedly see it when it is called into light when the Fox is also being looked at or compared to.

The Snake is a personal card, the Fox more impersonal.  The Snake goes for the heart, the emotions, and those things attached to such.  The Fox, well he is the survivor who is always looking to get ahead so then we should think of him as “he takes what he needs/wants” and doesn’t give a darn if you like it or not but….. it is not motivated by emotions – that is a hallmark of the Snake.  The Snake is the one who takes the boyfriend just because she can – The Fox would, but only if there was a reward of money or such tied to him.

So as noted above the Snake is complicated and normally so are “her” actions.  Yes ladies I hate to say it but this is a card normally seen as Female while the Fox is more Male.  No sexual prejudices here – remember when the card system came about in the very early 19th century.  Also see who is sitting as the playing card of this card, The Queen of Clubs.

So when faced with this card the first thing I do, and it sounds odd I admit, is I tell myself its not the Fox – if you do that and get rid of those associations straight away the card becomes much easier to read.

And, I hate to say it but, this card is the card of complications, don’t expect it to be easy to read because then, the Snake is not being The Snake!  As a Snake sheds it skins sometimes so do the layers we read of this card change as well.

Until the next card crosses my desk, happy shuffling!


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Sirens’ Song Lenormand


Sirens’s Song Lenormand

a deck by Carrie Paris

Last Friday, early in the afternoon the post was delivered and here was my new deck.  Ah of the of joys and some times dissappointments of a new deck,  this one is a JOY !

I judge a deck by a few criteria and I am so glad it passed them all.  The deck first of all shuffles well after a bit of breaking in.  Because of the plastic wrap around them that they are shipped in, they need to be sort of broken apart to ensure that they all are separate, after that – easy shuffle.  The size of the deck is also, thank the stars, of a regular size and not one of these huge decks that some people put out that even with my large man hands I can’t shuffle properly.

And of course design criteria is critical and I am very critical of it.  Now read this through, before you judge my review.  When I first laid out the cards – bleh – I was not feeling it.  I also noticed the one fault of the deck – the Crossroads looks like the Cross card until you learn the deck.  I am a big one for first impressions and I normally stick with it but….. then the magick of the Sirens’s Song did actually start to sing for me.  The theme of these cards is amazing in the complexity of how Carrie managed to stay true to her Sirens’ vision and work it into each card.  Then how the play of colors from the sublime and understated backgrounds force the focus item of each card to pop out at you – this is someone who understands color and form AND knows how to use them.  What happened was I found a deck that grew on me the more I viewed it and this is rare for me.  I feel like Carrie planned this, she lured me in with her Sirens’s Song she cast with artwork, until I couldn’t stop looking at the deck.

Of course this all said and done I had two readings on Friday evening to perform for clients and I decided to see how well Sirens’s Song could swim.  Both clients may I add had attended a Beginners Lenormand Workshop with me, so while they feel a GT is beyond them, they have a good idea of the card meanings and such.  I found the cards easy to read in an 8X4+4 layout, something I worried about at first as these cards can seem a bit busy at first – I was wrong, that sublime theme I mentioned above, works to weave these cards together seamlessly.  Then as I was talking and giving information to the client they were saying “oh I see where you got that from, the Fish” and pointed to the card.  Not amazing until you realize they were looking at the cards upside down and do not have a great amount of experience with Lenormand. The cards passed the “readability” test with flying colors!


So as the Birds can sometimes show us anxiety, mine came to a close.  My feeling of “bleh” changed to a love.  The deck works and it works really well.  The eye for detail, rather the eye for how extensive detail can be made to work for the benefit of a Reader has been mastered here.  Rather then it overpowering us as so many decks can, it lends itself to making our focus more clear.     Carrie teaches some amazing classes and if you are or wish to be a Lenormand Deck designer – this is the woman that you want showing you how it is done.  Now of course getting her to offer a class in this might be a bit hard, she is one busy busy woman!

Bravo Carrie!!   Of the current Card Design/Creators out there you are now on my list of top two, sharing that space with Ryan Edward of Maybe Lenormand fame.   I hope many others get to enjoy the pleasure of working with this deck that most obviously was a labor of love for you.

Fairy Tale Lenormand – A Review


Another new deck comes to us for use in the Lenormand Card Reading System, Fairy Tale Lenormand published by US Games, Artwork by Lisa Hunt and the Book (LWB) by Arwen Lynch.

FT Cover

The first thing you notice about the Deck and Little White Book (LWB) of course is not them, it ss how they are packaged, and packaged quite nicely I must say.  Coming in a sturdy metal tin, this packaging is both very attractive and will protect the contents extremely well. To say I am a big fan of the packaging is a mild understatement.

The cards themselves are works of art and Lisa Hunt has outdone herself.  Her style shines through, true to form with work I have seen her do in the past.  Look at the House just below –

FT HouseNow first off all of the cards have the same markings of a clear card number at the top left and the title and playing card inset (playing cards insets I find to be a must by the way when reading Lenormand) at the bottom. In the case of the House, it is plain and clear what the focus of the card is – a picture perfect focus.

Now the artwork, again exquisite, then takes us away from focus and in some cases becomes confusing especially if I were a beginner Lenormand reader.  While the number and title still stay clear some of the images do not.

FT BearFT Dog

Here are two cards that I found to be a bit confusing, the Bear and the Dog.  The Bear my eyes went directly to the Children, the Dog – I actually thought this was the Fox due to its color/breed.  A friend of mine who was going through the cards actually thought the bowl in the Dog card was a ring and picked this up as the Ring card.  Yes both again are clearly marked  but in a Grand Tableau I look at the pictures rather then the numbers to get my bearings.  I laid out the Grand Tableau and found that with all of this amazing and detailed artwork it was a bit too busy for me to quickly discern the cards and to  me that is very important when reading the Grand Tableau, I must be able to quickly move around the spread.  Now I am sure with a bit of practice this clears itself up but for a beginner to Lenormand this could pose an issue when learning the cards.  Personally I would suggest this deck for smaller spreads and for non-beginners due to these elements.

Next we have the LWB.  What I found in this were some very non-standard meanings to some cards that again could place a beginner at a disadvantage in learning Lenormand.  The Rider being the first card in the deck sadly fell prey to this issue and begins the LWB as off to a poor start.  “Victory and Success” are described as factor of this card –  I have never been taught that before or seen it elsewhere in this card’s core focus of meanings.  I thought perhaps that since this was part of the Fairy Tale base of where the card image came from this is where the meaning might be derived?  In any case its not a standard meaning and lends itself to being more a generic Oracle Card type description then a Lenormand Card description.  A few other cards were  written in more vague terms rather then being presented in the clear and precise manner Lenormand cards are known for speaking in.  While the LWB is informational on the background of where each fairy tale came from and the main gist of its story, it was not as clear in Lenormand information.

Now this all said and done where does this reviewer stand on Fairy Tale Lenormand?  As a shoppe owner I will stock it, it will speak to some people but I will explain its issues to be fair to all involved and I think that is what a shoppe owner should be, up front about the items they sell.  Second I think it does deserve your attention because as a review, mine like any other, is an opinion.  While I like to think of my opinion in the world of Lenormand as being a bit more informed, it is not “the last word” on this deck or any other for that matter.  That my dear blog reader is in your hands, you are your own last word.

Staying Open



While I teach classes in Lenormand I am being constantly reminded of how important it is to stay open.  Open as in – don’t get caught up in your own style or way of reading to the point where everything else is wrong.

Lenormand is a system, a very specific system I might add but… it does allow for some types of differences in the manner of reading the cards.  For example some people will take a line of 3 and let the center card be the focus with the two flanking it describe it.  Others will break it down into two pairs cards 1&2 and cards 2&3.  Then we have those who add another pair to the set 1&3 from the reflecting method.  Guess what?  All are valid.

All are valid that is if, yes if, this is the manner and style that you choose to CONSISTENTLY read a line of 3.

Then we have those who use the Moon for work, the Fox for work, etc.  Again these are valid as well as long as…. you CONSISTENTLY work with them in this manner.

The “secret”, if there truly is one with Lenormand, is that you CONSISTENTLY read the cards in the same manner.  Yes, you in the corner, when you are learning to read the cards of course you have to try a lot of different ways but then you settle down and figure out your way or your style of reading.  Its how best to learn is to try a few different ways of reading until you find the one that resonates with you best.

What we can’t do, and for some reason it is rearing its ugly head yet again, is tell others “You are wrong unless you read the same way I do”.  Yes you have to stay within the parameters of the Lenormand system but you don’t have to read just like Suzie from Switzerland does to be correct. If in the end, and I am finding this to be the case more often then not, your reading and another agree in the final answer its the how they got there that is the issue then my friend you have one problem – its called Ego.

Lenormand readers around the World read these beautiful cards and more often then not get the same answers.  They consistently stick to a method of reading that works for them and neither you nor I nor anyone can judge them on how they do it.  Its getting the answer correct that matters – not necessarily how you got it!


Write It Down!

Greetings All!

I have been absent a bit from my blog – sometimes you just need a break.  But “He’s Back….”

I held an amazing Beginners Workshop on reading the Lenormand last evening, it made me feel good to see people embrace these cards I love so much and have fun with them as well.  During the evening I made mention of journaling your readings and then creating your own resource book both of which are amazing tools for any reader of any system.  Lets explore that here;

The Journal – I keep a journal of every reading I do plain and simple and then I use it as a learning tool for when I get both good and not so good feedback as well as a resource for readings that have similarity in the cards that show up.  It has provided me with much needed validation over the years as well as showing me trends in how I read.  I use inexpensive single subject notebooks for these and have a nice sized shelf to hold them.  On the cover I write the time period covered within the notebook to help organize them a bit.

Now when I journal I might add something you should think of doing.  I always write down the time, date and day of the week – most people who journal do.  To that I add the moon phase I am reading under as well as the weather.  Hmm…. you think.  Well part of what I learned early on was that I cannot do a decent reading on the day of a New Moon.  Why – got me – I just know the energy of that day does not work at all for me and my readings are garbage when I try, so I don’t.  The weather well interesting enough it doesn’t effect me but a friend who started to journal this found out he can’t read right before or during a thunder storm.  We “think” its the extra energies in the atmosphere building and discharging but that is just out thought.  So now imagine what you can find?  Is there a better or worse time for you to read and can you plan around that?  Worth taking a look!

And then the personal resource book, some call it their Readers Bible, others their Cheat Sheet Book or then I have heard the Book of Shadows for Lenormand/Tarot, etc.  Whatever you want to call it thats fine but I highly suggest it and here is why.

We all read a lot of different books, take classes and go online endlessly to research the divination tool(s) of our choice.  We then take that info and practice and (I hope at least from now on after reading the above) journal.  The personal resource book is your book that you put together of various spreads that work for you as well as the meanings to cards(or whatever you are working with) that you learn work.  It is a book always in the process of growing – it grows as you learn.  I update mine with a new entry of some type of information on at least one card, once a week.  Its in an order and style that works for me, I designed it and you get to do the same thing.  Build it and revamp it as needed, it becomes a very much loved and treasured possession and will hold a certain energy that will make you more confident as it grows with you.  I suggest a good hard cover journal with a minimum of 100 pages, mine has 125 and I fear I might have to copy it all out into a larger book!

So even if you hate writing I highly suggest you put both of the above to work for you.  See how they work for you and enhance your readings – I would love to hear back from you about it!

Blessed be,


Fin De Siecle – A Deck Review


Deck Review of

Fin De Siecle Kipper

Fortune Telling Deck

By Ciro Marchetti

Distributed by US Games, Inc.

Available during the Summer of 2016



It was just by chance that the other day Lynn at US Games asked me if I was reading Kipper cards, synchronicity at its best – I had just found a course written in English to take on Kipper, and a rare find that is these days. So Lynn asked if I would like an advance copy of Fin De Siecle Kipper Fortune Telling Deck by Ciro Marchetti and of course I said yes and I would review it on my blog. And so you see this post now.

This deck is just one surprise after another is my first observation to share with you and they are all good surprises might I add. First is the package the deck comes in; a magnetic close box, ahhhhh! You have to be a real card person to understand why I say ahhhhh, it’s the simple things in life right? And continuing on the materials side of production, the card stock is nice and thick and the silver gilt edging is very nice as well. I will say don’t riffle the cards, first they hate that and it shortens the cards life span and second you will chip the gilt right off these beautiful cards after awhile if you do riffle. Nice presentation US Games, Inc.

Then onto the Cards themselves……


Mr. Marchetti did his typical amazing job at designing these cards, artwork extraordinaire. He took the cards from what was their home in Bavaria during the Biedermeier period and moved them to London, Elizabethan/Edwardian London that is and he made the move quite smoothly. While the older style decks have a charm I love, this deck exudes his chosen area and era without being over the top. Many of the cards share elements from one or another card(s) in the deck giving you a sense of continuity that a card reader will appreciate for its flow of energy as well as artistic appeal. Also don’t forget to play along with Mr. Marchetti at his favorite game that he puts in his decks, find his initials in each and every card!

Ciro (I am taking liberty here) also did an amazing job of capturing the energy of each card and updating them to scenes that we of the 21st century can quickly analyze. The older decks don’t translate as quickly to us in this day and age as this deck does and he has remained true to the cards as individuals and as a whole, in my opinion. Now what might upset the Kipper reader who already knows the system and loves their older decks is he also updated the names. My feeling, I don’t know I haven’t never spoken to Ciro, is he did this to aid us in reading their energies as he did with the artwork/visual element. It might take a bit to get used to but… I think it time well spent and easily done in order to enjoy this deck. There are also 3 additional non-Kipper cards that were added to this deck that…… I will leave that surprise for you to find yourself!

And then for you techy geek types well like they say, “There’s an app for that” and this deck is no exception. Like magick the deck animates and gives you core meaning information right on your phone or tablet. Watching some and listening to others gave me a chuckle or two and I will say that quickly the meanings stick in your head via this method. It’s a free app (the LWB tells you all about it) and it is well worth the time downloading it to use as a learning tool.

And last but not least is the Little White Book (LWB) that comes with the deck. As most of you know already, there is little to nothing written in the English language to help you learn Kipper. This LWB does so in dare I say grand style. Not one or two but three different and respected Kipper readers offer their viewpoint on each card. Stella Waldvogel, Fortune Buchholtz and Susanne Zitzl share their combined and rather formidable knowledge of the cards in a very brief but very clear and concise manner. For those of you looking for more written knowledge of Kipper this could well be what you need until someone releases a book on the subject. I will also say, I took a lot of notes into my personal Kipper journal from this LWB and that is something I rarely do from any LWB no matter how rare the find of info.

I did take the deck for a test run if you will. As I said I was learning Kipper and I had a Kipper 101 Exam from the World Lenormand Association who offered this class, by the way don’t let the name fool you they know Kipper as well. The deck shuffles well and I could quickly and clearly read both what the cards were as well as the energy they represent. Now if you ask if I passed the exam – not a clue I just turned it in so stay tuned for that grade!

So to sum it up I say this, grab this deck because this Kipper is a Keeper!


Please note: I received no compensation for this review and all opinions of this deck are my own and reflect no one else’s input.



I am taking a Kipper Card course offered by Toni of the World Lenormand Association.  It just started and I am already loving it as it is taking me out of “the box” I usually live in.  What I did find interesting was a fellow student asked about how to read cards in regards to how “weighty” they should be given if it were for a daily reading versus reading them in a spread for a years time lets say.  The question was interesting for what it was of course but also for what it showed me as I decided to reflect on it overnight rather then just give a quick answer.

As a background for those who might not be Card Readers, certain systems of cards, Kipper or Lenormand just for example, are read differently depending upon the context and time frame of your question.  If you are doing a daily read and the Coffin card comes up it doesn’t mean someone is going to die every time you see it in a daily spread, rather that something will end – you ran out of checks in your checkbook and forgot to order them – as an example.  You ran out, you had an end to your supply of checks, you get where I am going with that I hope.  Now if it were in a card reading done for an entire year I would look at it a bit differently as it more “weighty” issues are dealt with as your time frame changes, not always of course, but more often then not.  Background info done!

So back to how do you read and tell the difference between A Death and an running out of checks timeframes aside?  Well thats what I found interesting as I pondered this because I can’t answer it for you the same as I can answer it for the next person who asks the same exact question.  Why?  Because your life experience is yours and it shapes and forms your personal perspective.

We as Card Readers learn to work with the cards in front us from books, classes and other various sources.  What shapes what we learn though is our personal perspective on the cards.  It DOES NOT change the meaning of the cards, repeat DOES NOT change the meaning of the cards, but…. it does change the perspective, “weightiness”, strength or weakness or whatever word(s) you want to use to describe the volume (yet another word) of the message the card conveys.  Your life experience and yes lack of the same is a major factor in this.

Yes, there are systems that will show you by lets say the distance between one card and another a very good indication of “strength” of the card but in the end, when it comes down to it,you have to interpret this and its using your personal perspective that does the trick.  Oh and did I forget to say mixed up in that is your intuition?

My personal students are stunned about now!  I reign in intuition to a large degree when learning to read a card system such as Lenormand and would do the same with Kipper as I am learning this, as well.  I teach so strongly to let the card meanings speak to them that right now they shocked but….. yes I use intuition when it comes to gauging a cards degree of strength within a reading.

So between Perspective and Intuition…….. there in lies how to discern what a cards meaning is within the timeframe and context of a question.  Really its harder to read this then it is to figure it out.

Until the Muse hits me again…..


Review of Dreaming Way Lenormand


I am so pleased that Lynn Sparrow of US Games has sent me Lenormand Decks to review.  I already wrote one up on Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Evan ( oh do I so adore that deck) and now here is the next – Dreaming Way Lenormand!


This very sweet deck is the original artwork of Kwan Shina whom you may know of from the Dreaming Way Tarot Deck.  The accompanying LWB (little white book) is written by Lynn Araujo.

This deck differs from so many others, like Maybe Lenormand, in that it is original artwork – no photoshopping a deck here and I so appreciate that.  You will also note from the above picture (I apologize my photo skills I hope will improve) that the colors are light and bright for the most part, no cards in this deck have a dark feel which many will appreciate.

You will also get a vibe that this deck is whimsical, it has an almost fairytale feel to it.  This again will be appreciated by those who don’t like the more “traditional” looking decks and want something more suited for their tastes of a more “current” style of Lenormand deck. The cards all have the playing card noted in the lower bottom of the cards  after the cards name, the traditional Lenormand number of the cards is top center.  The way this information was included (and I strongly feel playing card info is needed on all Lenormand decks)  was  included does not detract from the look of the artwork which can happen.

I spent sometime working with this and first thing to note is these are  poker size cards 2.5 X3.5 inches.  The quality of the card stock is good and the deck does shuffle well – something important – at least to me.  They come in a very sturdy box that will protect them well and I actually used the box lid upside down as a book holder for the LWB as I was getting acquainted the cards.

All in all the imagination and almost dreamlike sometimes ethereal look to the cards is sure to be a hit and I hope enjoyed for many years to come. The deck should be currently available at local merchants by you and if not ask them to order it for you!

Don’t Fear the Silence




The American Lenormand Association

Working with Silence

I have spent a fair amount of time performing readings, both as a professional reading for others as well as reading for myself.  I enjoy the time I spend in Reading Mode, the peaceful relaxed state that allows me to access information to help heal, guide and protect myself and others.  It took me a long time to get to that point – enjoying the Reading Mode – because of that nasty little bugger that strikes fear into so many readers, silence.

Silence, especially here in America, is often seen as a sign that something is wrong.  When conversations come to a halt people start glancing about, and think of the term uncomfortable silence, imagine the worst.  So imagine, horror of all horrors, when the person who is performing a reading  goes silent for a minute or so!

Silence during a reading is bound to happen and I tell a client before I start a reading that if I do go quite, its only for a minute and not to worry.  You see when I go silent, as with most readers I know, it means we are listening to the cards, getting information and letting our minds go through the process of integrating it so that we can effectively give it to our client.  It is very much like when you are having a conversation with your friends, you go quite when you listen to them correct?  Same thing with the cards.  And sometimes I make myself go quite if even just for 10 seconds to see if the cards want to communicate something else, like with any of my other friends, I give them the chance to point out something I might have missed.

Many the new reader thinks, if I am not talking the entire time during a reading I am doing it wrong.  Rethink that if you will.  If you are not being quite during the shuffle and layout portion of the reading then how are you focused on the question your client has for you?  If you are not quite at first when you first view the cards, how are you taking it all in to relay back to your client?  Get used to being quite at least at the beginning of any reading, get the “lay of the land” so to speak and then….. talk away.

Silence is not the enemy, talking without your readers mind in focus and understanding what the cards say is!